The First Month

Another new babe has joined the world! Jackie and J.R. met their little girl Elsie a couple months back and even though this little sweetheart wanted to join the party a bit early, she proved a fierce little warrior and after 40 days in the NICU, she is now snuggled at home with Mom and Dad. We're so happy to have them share their story in our, "The First Month" series. It's really beautiful. ❤️

Can you write five to 10 words that describe the first month of being a new mom?

Roller coaster of emotions … fear, love, sadness, joy, and gratitude … just to name a few.  

What is one thing that you can tell us that you weren’t sure you would tell anybody about what you are feeling or have felt this past month?

For the first month of Elsie's life, I didn't feel like a Mom. Being in the NICU, she was primarily cared for by other people, and I often felt left out. I would spend 12-15 hours with her every day, but when it came time to leave her for the night my heart broke every single time.  

What is the one thing that took you off-guard, that surprised you the most?

In the 16+ years that my husband and I have been together, I have only seen him cry two or three times at funerals. Once Elsie was born, he became a big softie and cried almost daily for the first few weeks. I have always known what a good man he is, but the way he supported me through all of this was nothing short of amazing. There is simply no way I ever could have made it through it all without him by my side.  

What are the moments and experiences that you have enjoyed the most this past month?

Let's talk about the first month at home! Every moment has been one to cherish and be grateful for. I've loved watching Elsie become more alert, sitting in her nursery reading her my favourite children's books, seeing her snuggle with her extended family and friends, taking her for walks in her stroller with our dog (her big sister) Libby.  After 40 days in the NICU, we appreciate every single moment we have at home with her. We are so glad that she is happy, healthy, and safe.  

What do you wish was different?

I wish that she had longer to grow and develop on the inside and that she had arrived much closer to her due date.  

Someone is about to give birth – she asks you for one piece of advice, and you say:

Anything can happen!  Go ahead and make your plans but prepare for the unexpected!  And if you end up in the NICU … stay strong, it gets better!

What is a question that you have for other moms?

Will you please clip my daughters nails for me?  Seriously, I'm terrified!

How has this changed you?

I finally feel like a Mom and know that I would do absolutely anything to make this little girl smile.  

What do you look forward to?

Watching her grow and seeing her personality develop. Telling her about her crazy entrance into the world!  

When you are gazing at your baby snoozing, what are you thinking about?

How grateful I am that this beautiful little human is mine.  

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