The First Month

Up next in our “The First Month” series is a post from my friend Courtney who along with husband Dustin welcomed gorgeous baby Stevie back on July 7th.

“The First Month” is a standard set of 10 questions that I ask new parents. Expecting parents reading the blog might get a good reference point for what’s to come! and in general the posts give parents a chance to offer up humbling honesty and share a bit of their story. 

Courtney’s answers got me bursting into laughter.

Thank you,



The First Month

1. Can you write five to 10 words – either separate descriptive words or a short sentence – that describe the first month of being a new mom?

Exciting, terrifying, exhausting, rewarding.

2. What is one thing that you can tell us that you weren’t sure you would tell anybody about what you are feeling or have felt this past month?

How often you’ll resort to Google when you absolutely shouldn’t.

3. What is the one thing that took you off-guard, that surprised you the most?

The explosive nature of baby poop – this will generally only happen in a public place when you forget a spare outfit and when she’s wearing her best attire. 

4. What are the moments and experiences that you have enjoyed the most this past month?

Watching Stevie change and grow each day.     

5. What do you wish was different?

I’m pretty sure the ‘appropriate’ answer is nothing, but I wouldn’t mind sleeping in and enjoying an extra large glass of wine every once in awhile!

6. Someone is about to give birth – she asks you for one piece of advice, and you say:

Don’t think about it too much. It’s out of your control and it’ll be worth every minute!

7. What is a question that you have for other moms?

What’s the name and phone number of your babysitter?

8. How has this changed you

You become selfless and your daily routine is in the hands of your child.   

9. What do you look forward to?
Watching Stevie develop interests and hobbies and supporting what she’s passionate about!    

10. When you are gazing at your baby snoozing, what are you thinking about?

If I have time to jump in the shower? 

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