Baby, It’s Cold Outside

A friend was wondering the other day how to keep her little guy warm at nighttime in his crib with the no-blankets policy. I sent her a link to my favourite bedtime wear and it got me thinking about a few of my favourite cold-weather items.

Sleep Bag: My mom came across Weeurban Sleep Bags at a baby boutique in Windsor, Ontario. These soft sleep outfits come in either a cotton/polyester blend or a cotton/bamboo blend and are wonderfully thick, just like a comfy sweatshirt. We own a bamboo blend version. Bamboo’s particular specialty is it’s a very breathable fabric. It’s known to help regulate a baby’s body temperature at nighttime, so we actually have quite a few bamboo sleepwear items for Rad. This piece easily lends itself to layering – we would often put a long-sleeve onesie underneath the Weeurban sleep bag, zip Rad up and lay him in bed.




IMG_3868 (1)

SlippersKina Natural Booties are fluffy little feet pillows. Handcrafted from all natural New Zealand lamb skin, they fit snug and they kept Rad’s toesies toastie all season long. The link above brings you to a Canadian retailer site. For US shoppers, I have found the booties often in stock at Fawn and Forest and I purchased them myself through Sprout San Francisco. A quick Google search will yield plenty of options. Pricey, but worth the investment. Rad wore them every single day.





Day Wear: Hands down, best cold (and cool) weather outfits. One-piece, zip-up and hooded Sweatshirt Jumpsuit from H&M. If you really want to splurge, check out Mini Mioche, a company based out of Toronto, Ontario for its colorful Happy Romper collection.


IMG_6276 (1)



Hat: The extremely adorable Pagoda Cozie Baby Shaggy Hat from Zutano doesn’t fit Rad now at 16 months but I’ve continued to squeeze it on his head this winter because I love it that much. A baby ushanka for our little winter warrior.





Stroller Cover: Winter stroller walks in the midst of a polar vortex are completely doable and totally acceptable with 7 A.M. Enfant’s Le Sac Igloo. Rad looked like a cozy pea in a faux-fur pod when we ventured out into our winter wonderlands. The shell is water-repellant and the cushy fleece lining can be removed for less wintry occasions.



Boots: This year, I hunted down boots that would be a cinch to pull onto Rad’s feet. It’s a synchronized plan of attack getting a little one dressed for winter activities, and squeezing curled little toes into rigid footwear is not a part of my plan. (“Is your foot all the way in?” I don’t ever get a response from my baby when I ask this.) Baby Bogs’ Waterproof Boots are brightly patterned, warm and have pull-up handles. They are where it is at. Don’t let the price get you down. You’ll pay at least $20 for another pair – think of the extra $30 as the cost for your little one’s comfort, and your sanity.


Heater: We used to live in an old home that lacked a heating vent in our bedroom. When Rad would cuddle with us at nighttime we would try to get the heat up past freezing and while you may or  may not be on the hunt for a heater, I just wanted you to see this one, because I think it’s so cute. Shop around – I ended up getting our Crane Mini Fireplace Heater for a great deal at Toys “R” Us.




Stay warm!





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