A Basket of “You Are Amazing”

So, there is this new baby. I love to gather up a few sweet baby items – snuggly onesies, soft blankies, packs of ever-appreciated diapers – when I’m off to visit a new little one but even more meaningful is a little something for that new momma. The one who is exhausted and bewildered. The one who needs some attentive care.

Putting together a little care package for a new mom will be a welcome surprise – guaranteed. But, momma doesn’t necessarily want some of the things others might think she wants. She doesn’t need distraction – I had read a blog once where a well-meaning girl thought putting a puzzle in her gift pack would be nice – there is no time for puzzles.

Here are some ideas that should work though. Go pamper that lady.

  1. Hair Clips and Ponytail Holders. She will be so thankful.
  2. A Baby Carrier. I love Solly Wraps and Boba Wraps. Your new momma may or may not have one, but if she does, a new colour is like getting a new fashion piece.
  3. Happy Mamma Spray from Earth Mama Angel Baby. This was in a little sample pack I received before I had Rad. I love to spray it every now and then. It has a nice citrusy scent. So revivifying. (p.s. It also goes by the name Morning Wellness Spray, so you can search for it by both.)
  4. A big jar of Cold-Pressed, Organic Coconut Oil. Mom can slather it on baby and slather it on herself. As my friend Dana says, “Bonus, you get to smell like cake afterwards.”
  5. Tea and Coffee. I love drinking Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk and Yogi Woman’s Nursing Support. When in doubt though, aim for a roiboos tea. Nursing or not nursing, some moms might not want too much caffeine at the start. (Ok, you addicts – I’m getting to the coffee part. One second.) Rooibos teas come in a variety of delicious flavors – something citrusy might be nice. For those moms who are like, “What do you mean someone might not want much caffeine?” find some good smelling, local, expensive coffee beans. This will be a real treat for new mom in the morning.
  6. A new water bottle. Mom needs to stay hydrated. My top pick is a S’well bottle – it keeps liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. You can even purchase a chalk pen to go with it so mom can scribble notes on the side of her bottle, and it comes in a rainbow of appealing colours like “pink champagne” and “rowboat red.” My friend Dana loves her Camelbak bottle which she says can fit mega huge ice cubes.
  7. A cleaning service. This would have been AMAZING! If you are putting a little basket together, and a little gift certificate is peeking out offering a full house clean from a local cleaning service, I think your new momma might burst into tears. (Actually, she might do that even if you bring her a breakfast sandwich. Those hormones, you know.)
  8. Bamboobies Boob Ease Soothing Therapy Pillows: Mamma can use these hot or cold and they can go on their boobies or any part that is aching. These are my favorite things. (Might as well get Bamboobies Boob Ease Organic Nipple Balm to go along with them. This stuff is gold for a nursing mamma. And totally safe for little baby.)
  9. Meal Services: A gift certificate for a local restaurant or a meal service that crafts fresh-made meals, similar to Mountain Meals in Revelstoke, British Columbia (think warming chicken noodle soups and Shepard’s pies ready made in a deli case) or a one-month subscription to a delivery service like Blue Apron (foods from a service like Blue Apron still need to be cooked though) would be very much appreciated. What I like about a place like Mountain Meals is that the new family can choose what they like to eat – you never know what that mamma might be craving.
  10. Sleep Mask, Filled with Lavender. Sleep may be elusive for a new mamma, but in the moments that it is happening, it is glorious. Might as well up the luxe factor and give her a sleep mask made of nice materials and filled with soothing lavender to boot. This might help too if she can get herself to lie down for a day-time nap.

And if you have some great ideas to add, please do so in the comments below! Would love to hear other loving ways to dote on new mommas.

One thought on “A Basket of “You Are Amazing”

  1. My friend Julia put together a nice package for me as well. Now that I am on week 2 with my new little man I am appreciating these gifts more and more (the haze of new baby survival is wearing off). Things I loved from Julia’s package:
    – purdy’s sweet Georgia brown chocolates. They’re my absolute favourite. Is this a Canadian thing?
    – a can of delicious maple syrup – we’ve discussed my obsession with this, it continues post pardum.
    – simple spice mixes – aka: just add tofu and/or chick peas and voila…dinner 🙂


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