Diary of a Baby

Growing up, I was fascinated by my baby book. I wanted to read, and re-read, all of the details about the hour I was born, gaze at the stamp of my footprint and pore over intricate details of the date and time my vaccinations were administered. I loved to ask again and again what blood type my parents and brother had. I thought it neat to read the list of gifts given to me by my parents’ friends who they still hung around with and those who I would say – “Who’s that?” And, I was pretty smitten with my newborn photo.

Naturally, filling out a baby book for Radley was top on the list for me. I even bought materials to put together a scrapbook. But, the scrapbook still sits unfilled (ok, one page down) and I only came around to buying a baby book at month six – and there are details that I missed along the way, which irked me a bit, so it too sits there unfilled, until I hunt down a photo or video of, First Smile!

I stress to you – get yourself a baby book. Any book. Like this or this or this or this. And, if you know someone who is about to have a baby, make sure that someone has one too! It’s such a simple way to remember all of the details that you will surely forget. (You will – there are too many awesome ones to remember.)

But what I do have is a little blue journal. It took me a couple months to get the plastic off of it and dig into it (before that, if a thought struck me I would type a note on my iPad or into my computer, so I do have those!) but now I keep it nearby at all times – traveling with it, setting it on my bedside table at night, and I have told myself to write in it every evening. This is because while a day may pass without a big moment (first time pulling himself up! Which was on Mother’s Day!) it is still a day that will be fun to read about when we are older. So, if it’s something simple like, “Grandma and Grandpa left today and so we packed up the stroller and walked to the park,” it’s fine enough. More often than not, that first thought will lead into another thought. The journal is part memory chronicling for Rad and part Mom diary for me. My feelings and emotions always spill onto the pages.

So, get yourself a baby book. That has been decided. And get yourself a journal. And write even just one thought a day. You’ll love that you did it. I promise. K









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