Ode to H&M Nursing Tanks

Ode to H&M Nursing Tanks

Comfort, style and easy access

This new momma just relaxes

Kickin’ it in tights and tanks

All day long I have only thanks

For a shirt so form-fitting and so chic

That washes easily of spit up and leaks

Yet I will admit you have made of me a laundry sinner

I have woken up in you, wearing you hours later out for dinner

But how can I resist when comfy

Also equals polished mommy?

I would go so far as to say

You are one sexy cotton tank

You shape me up nicely sure

But at a cost that is easy to incur

Extra money along with extra time

Are what any new momma finds super fine

Although one thing that maybe doesn’t fit

As good as your trendy knit

Is that you are often out of stock

And it always comes as a stinging shock

When I happen upon a new hue

That my wardrobe decides it needs too

I scroll the pop down menu and think

How are you still out of pink?!

Maybe you could notify me ASAP

When you do fix this mishap

New mommas don’t have time to wait

They need their goods now or it is just too late

But for now, the eight I own

Well, I’ve set you up on a throne

From that first day I tried you on, baby was just two weeks old

Slipping over your soft black version, my curves were instantly bold

I immediately knew I needed to snap up

Multiple packs of these tanks with magical cups

I now have red with polka dots for the holidays

And a crisp white for brunch on Sundays

Steel gray has started to pill

Since I’ve worn it nearly every day and will still

Because to put it plainly

It really is that mainly

Your shelf holds these hardworking ladies snug

And for that, for that I am in love


IMG_1078 - Version 2

Valentine’s Day Tank

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